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Seed Library Winter/Spring 2023 Update: Visit the Library to Browse Seeds Inside

Stop by the library anytime we’re open to browse our collection of seeds in our seed cabinet. The cabinet holds all available seed bags and envelopes.

Our seeds are for everyone. Take only what you intend to plant, and no more than 5 -10 seeds of any variety.

Want to learn more about seeds and how to cultivate them?

  • Many of our seeds have been donated from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Their website has a growing guide with information on seed starting, growing, special considerations and seed saving: https://www.rareseeds.com/growing-guide
  • You may want to contact a Master Gardener from the local chapter of the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Albany County. Their gardening webpage can offer you some help: http://albany.cce.cornell.edu/gardening
  • Visit the Library to browse the collection of gardening books.
  • The Library offers programming on how to plan, grow, and maintain gardens. Often Master Gardeners are available at programs to answer questions.

Share the Harvest

To donate, please fill out the Seed Donation Agreement and Planting Tips forms. Forms are also available at the Information Desk in the Library.

  • Please include the full name of the type of vegetable, flower, herb or grain that grows from the seeds. For example, instead of simply writing “tomato,” consider the more descriptive “Black Prince Tomato.”
  • All seeds should be from a crop that you grew or in the commercial seed company’s envelope from which you purchased the seeds.
  • Seeds should be less than three years old (from date of harvest) and should have been dried over at least a three-week period.
  • Loose seeds should be donated in a sealed plastic bag or envelope. Some bags and envelopes are provided in the Seed Library display at the Library.
  • Please keep in mind: The Seed Library is limited to seeds for vegetables, flowers, herbs, or grains. Roots, tubers, bulbs, or seeds for trees cannot be accommodated. Seeds should be non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).
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