Computers, Printing, & Faxing

Computers & the Internet

WiFi Information

The Voorheesville library offers free unsecured WiFi in our parking lot and at the Rail Trail Pavilion. With all free, unsecured public wifi, please be an informed consumer. Here are some links with trusted information: Federal Trade Commission Tips and Consumer Reports article on using public Wifi networks.

Computer Usage

The library has computers for public use. At this time, computer use inside the library is restricted to one user per appointment slot to preserve social distancing. Upper Hudson Library System members can sign in using their library card or a guest pass. Users may send print jobs which will be retrieved by staff. Please call  518-765-2791 to schedule a 30 minute computer appointment.

Microsoft 2016 is the software installed on the public Internet computers and includes Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Access. You must agree to our Internet Use Policy which displays on the screen at sign in.

Check out a laptop from our Library of Things

Electric Quilt 8 

This software is installed on Public Internet computer 4.  Contact a librarian for more information.


For curbside pickup, please email documents to be printed to and a librarian can assist you. The first 10 pages of black & white prints are free at this time. After 10 pages, regular fees apply. Please see below, or call the library at 518-765-2791 for more information.

Public computer users can send prints to the printer/copier will be retrieved by staff. Black and white printouts cost $.10 per page. Color printouts cost $.50 per page.

Copy, Fax & Scan

The copier/scanner/fax machine is currently not available for public use. For curbside pickup, please call the library at 518-765-2791 and a librarian can assist you.

Black & White copies cost $.10 per page. Color copies cost $.50 per page. International faxes are not supported.

Outgoing faxes cost $1 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.  Faxes sent to the library cost $.50/page – please call us at 518-765-2791 to let us know you are having material sent so we can watch for it and put it aside for you to pick up. The library fax number is 518-765-3007.

3D Printing

3D Printing at the Library

Patrons can learn how 3D printing technology works by using our Lulzbot Mini2 3D Printer. Our small, easy-to-use machine can print designs up to 6 1/4 inches cubed; some larger items can be printed as assemblages.  You can find an item on a site like Thingiverse, or create a 3D object yourself using Tinkercad, SketchUp, or another CAD application. When the library building is open, patrons are welcome to submit files for printing, and are charged 20 cents per gram of material used.  If you have a question about 3D printing while the building is closed, please email

Voorheesville Public Library Partners with CEHC-PPE for 3D Printing Protective Face Shields for Local Healthcare Workers. April 2020

  • CEHC-PPE is a group of more than 30 volunteers working with UAlbany’s College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
  • Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Public Libraries, and friends are printing and assembling face shields for medical professional and first responders
  • To request a face shield for your organization, complete this form: