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Home Book Delivery

This service has been temporarily suspended.

If you are homebound without access to the library, we can set up your own personal selection and delivery service of library materials. Please email or call 518-765-2791 x 232.

Reading Promise 2020

Click on the Reading Promise image above or on the following to download the calendar pdf.

This year, why not make a promise to yourself that can relieve stress, broaden your horizons, and improve your memory and focus? Make a reading promise, any promise you choose, start on any date!  

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

 • Commit to reading a little every day —  even fifteen minutes – try to make it  to 100 days straight.  

• Vow to read aloud to your children every day. Can you make it through  one whole month, or two? 

• “Read with your ears” using audiobooks. Listen to a book via the Libby app in your car. (Yes! It counts!)

• Read a magazine at the library; check one out or read a magazine online via the Libby app or Flipster app. (Yes! It counts!)

• Read the New York Times online for 15 minutes. Get free access using  your library card. (Yes! It counts!)

• If Graphic Novels and Comics are your thing, that counts too!

To accept our challenge, use our calendar to track how long you can keep your Reading Streak going. Update us with your progress using the #VOORPLReads hashtag on social media.