Tuesday, November 20 • 9:30am to 9pm

Thursday Afternoon Movies at the Library
Come in and enjoy our classic film series. All films shown at 1:30 pm.

Shadow of a Doubt
September 6
A young woman discovers her visiting uncle may not be the man he seems to be. Starring Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton

(1943) NR, 106m

National Velvet
September 13
A jaded former jockey helps a young girl prepare a wild but gifted horse for England's Grand National Sweepstakes. Starring Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor.

(1944) G, 123m

A Night to Remember
September 20
A mystery writer and his newlywed wife move into a Greenwich Village apartment and find themselves with a corpse and a half dozen red herrings. Starring Loretta Young and Brian Aherne.

(1942) NR, 91m

Must Love Dogs
September 27
A forty-something preschool teacher looks to the personals for a change of pace and a relationship, with hilarious results. Starring Diane Lane and John Cusack.
(2005) PG-13, 98m

The Big Sleep
October 4
Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a rich family. Before the complex case is over, he's seen murder, blackmail, and what might be love. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.
(1946) NR, 114m

The Cider House Rules
October 11
A compassionate young man, raised in an orphanage and trained to be a doctor there, decides to leave to see the world. Starring Tobey Maguire and Charlize Theron.
(2000) PG-13,126m

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte
October 18
An aging, reclusive Southern belle plagued by a horrifying family secret descends into madness after the arrival of a lost relative. Starring Bette Davis and Olivia De Havilland.

(1964) NR, 113m

Madame Curie
October 25
Despite himself, accomplished physicist and avowed bachelor Pierre Curie falls for brilliant student Marie, and together they embark on the discovery of radium. Starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon.

(1943) NR, 124m

Cast Away
November 1
A FedEx executive must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive a crash landing on a deserted island. Stars Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt.

(2000) PG-13, 143m

Behind Enemy Lines
November 8
A Navy navigator is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops. Meanwhile his commanding officer goes against orders in an attempt to rescue him. Starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson.
(2001) PG-13, 106m

Stand By Me
November 15
After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy. Starring Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix. (1986) R, 89m

You've Got Mail
November 22
Two business rivals who despise each other in real life unwittingly fall in love over the Internet. Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
(1998) PG, 120m

What About Bob?
November 29
A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, an obsessive-compulsive neurotic, tracks him down during his family vacation. Starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

(1991) PG, 99m

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
December 6
In 1850 Oregon, when a backwoodsman brings a wife home to his farm, his six brothers decide that they want to get married too. Starring Jane Powell and Howard Keel.
(1954) G, 102m

Murphy's Romance
December 13
Emma is a divorced woman with a teen-aged son who moves into a small town and tries to make a go of a horse ranch. Murphy is the widowed town druggist who steers business her way. Things are going along predictably until her ex-husband shows up, needing a place to stay. The three of them form an intricate circle, with Emma's son liking Murphy but desperately wanting his father back. Starring Sally Field and James Garner.

(1986) PG-13, 107m


Three Men and a Baby
December 20
Three bachelors find themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guys' girlfriends. Starring Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg.

(1987) PG, 102m


December 27
A plucky little orphan girl gets dumped abruptly into her gruff, hermit grandfather's care, then later gets retaken and delivered as a companion for an injured girl. Starring Shirley Temple and Jean Hersholt.

(1937) NR, 88m